To the Cape Cod Recovery Team

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This is a letter stating what I have gained from my time at the house and IOP. I very much enjoyed my time with the program. I was able to meet some of the greatest people that all have the same goal in common. I was able to become better at communication skills. Working through my problems instead of just stuffing them down and fester inside of me. Then result in me going back down the same road of misery and abusing alcohol. I gained a lot from the IOP…

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Sobriety and Seasonal Depression

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Sobriety and Seasonal Depression Every season brings something different.  Spring brings new growth, summer brings sunshine and barbeques and fall brings beautiful leaves.  Winter however, can often bring out mood disorders such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  Seasonal Affect Disorder occurs when the days become shorter and the months become darker. During the winter months, there are times when the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor activities and physical activities are limited.  This can lead to boredom and feelings of isolation which becomes a problem that negatively affects recovering addicts, especially…

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The New Deadliest Drug in the World

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The New Deadliest Drug in the World There’s a new killer in town, and the results are astonishing. Just 2 milligrams of this substance can kill you. A pinch of the synthetic opioid Fentanyl is enough to cause a deadly overdose. Frequently, dealers have been cutting heroin with fentanyl to intensify the potency of the drug.  The deadly drug fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid that is like morphine but is 50 to 100 times more potent. Its comes in many forms such as intravenous fentanyl, powered fentanyl, and pill…

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Enabling in Addiction

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Enabling in Addiction As a parent, choosing not to enable your child is a hard choice. As parents, we want was is best for our children. I know, what does this picture have to do with enabling? I came across this article. It was a very interesting read. E News published the article here. I was initially drawn to the article, well because it was about Hugh Hefner and I was interested in a follow up story from his recent passing. As I began to read the article, my perspective…

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Holiday Fun in Cape Cod

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Not all holiday activities have to include drugs and alcohol. Cape Cod is a very sober friendly town with multiple sober events going on during the holiday season. 2018 Polar Bear Plunge On New Years Day 2018, for the third straight year, a group of people will gather in the Johnson Street parking lot and just about at high tide at 12 p.m., they will run into Provincetown Harbor. This charity tradition is  part of the Provincetown First Light celebrations for New Years Weekend 2018. This event, co-sponsored by the…

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Family, Treatment and Recovery

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THE IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY DURING TREATMENT AND RECOVERY Congratulations!  You have just made the decision to begin a life changing journey called recovery.  Often, people believe that recovery only involves the individual with the addiction and it is solely their illness and recovery.  The responsibility is certainly with the individual who is seeking help for their addiction however, addiction is also known as a “family disease.” Substance abuse affects every member of the family as dealing with a loved one with an addiction, it creates a potentially unhealthy family dynamic. …

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Sobriety and Recovery on the Cape

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Welcome to island life, and no we are not discussing the hit HGTV show. What we are discussing is a life of patience and tolerance. A life where everything isn't just go, go, go. Where life is enjoyed and lived. Patience and tolerance is discussed on 10 different occasions, in the Big Book. The website 164andMore gives the following search results:   1. ... patience.  BB To Wives, p.111 Your husband may come to appreciate your reasonableness and patience. 2. Patience and good temper are most necessary.  BB To Wives, p.111 Patience and…

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Ways to Stay Sober During the Holiday Season

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Ways to Stay Sober During the Holiday Season The holiday season is here! When you are going through recovery, especially in early recovery the holidays can be a tricky time. Family time, parties, sweets and treats, and the holiday rush can create stressful situations for many addicts. Returning home for the holidays, can be a relapse trigger place for some individuals. As with many individuals in recovery, or recently completing a drug rehab program in Massachusetts, where we grew up is our our old stomping grounds. There are many tips,…

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Three Steps to Curbing Addiction

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Three Steps to Curbing Addiction   Seeking Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Cape Cod, Mass The road to recovery often involves a few pitfalls, setbacks and even some bumps. When you’re struggling with drug addiction, recovery can seem like an impossible goal. Recovery and sobriety is never out of reach, no matter how hopeless you seem. Anything is possible with the right treatment and support. When you’re seeking help for drug addiction in Cape Cod, you’re taking the first step towards recovery. Wanting change is needed for this…

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