Ways to Stay Sober During the Holiday Season

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Ways to Stay Sober During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is here! When you are going through recovery, especially in early recovery the holidays can be a tricky time. Family time, parties, sweets and treats, and the holiday rush can create stressful situations for many addicts. Returning home for the holidays, can be a relapse trigger place for some individuals. As with many individuals in recovery, or recently completing a drug rehab program in Massachusetts, where we grew up is our our old stomping grounds. There are many tips, tricks and solutions for staying sober during the holidays while still enjoying all the fun!

Sober Holiday Tip #1 –  Make a plan for staying sober at parties. 

Parties can be very tricky especially when you’re in recovery, these social gatherings of friends and family usually come filled with alcohol beverages. Don’t be scared, be smart! Tell someone you’re in recovery and plan for an exit strategy in case you become overwhelmed.

Sober Holiday Tip #2 – Traveling? Still make a meeting!

Go to a meeting! Find a meeting long before you get there. This will allow more support in your corner to staying sober during the holidays. Sure, you can still spend time with the family but you also need to remember to take care of your own sobriety.

Sober Holiday Tip #3 – Stay Home? Still Make a Meeting!

Many meeting club houses offer holiday meals and fellowship opportunities. Just because you’re living in a sober living home during the holidays doesn’t mean you’re safe from relapsing. Spend the holiday with your newfound friends. Remember, they didn’t get to make it home either!

Sober Holiday Tip #4 – Bring your recovery literature when you travel.

Long plane flights and car rides are perfect places to crack open your recovery textbook and read. This can also be a good way to end the night after a long day of spending time with the relatives.

Sober Holiday Tip #5 – Stay in touch with your recovery resources

Calling your sponsor every day or even a friend in recovery is highly recommended during the holiday season.  Make sure your phone is filled with recovery peoples number and don’t forget your phone charger!

Sober Holiday Tip #6 – Be Grateful

If you’re staying home or spending the holidays with the family or friends, try to remain grateful for this opportunity. The holidays are truly a time to be with good people you love. So, enjoy it!

Sober Holiday Tip #7 – Remember your daily disciplines

Just because it’s the Holidays doesn’t mean you’re allowed to take a break from being in recovery. Wake up early to get some meditation time in or spend a few minutes before going to bed reflecting on your day.

Sober Holiday Tip #8 Live in the now.

You cannot change yesterday or control tomorrow. Just do your best right now.

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