Our facility is designed for individuals needing additional structure and clinical support. Our Extended Care Program is a perfect fit for individuals that have struggled in the past with long-term sobriety.

The program could be a good option for an individual that has recently relapsed and is having difficulty finding the right tools to staying sober.

Our program allows for individuals to receive continued therapeutic and clinical support while obtaining additional guidance and practice with the recovery and therapeutic tools they have received while in treatment.

Our long-term program is a key component in a successful life of sobriety. In our Extended Care Program, clients’ daily activities and events are scheduled and structured. Clients will have the ability to obtain employment during treatment.

During the extended care treatment clients participate in a continued therapeutic curriculum. Clients will engage in daily life-skill activities along with other innovative treatment approaches.

During the extended care program, clients have access to direct care staff 24 hours a day. Transportation is provided for clients to clinical programming, recovery meetings, program events, and fitness facilities.


Cape Cod Recovery Center offers high-quality, intensive substance abuse, and mental health treatment programs in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We work with most insurance companies to help supplement the treatment costs.

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Treatment Modules

Specialized Therapies


Manage your emotions, cope with difficult feelings, encourage healthy relationships, and learn personal responsibility & accountability. 

Reframe your thinking and set goals that are realistic. Find out what belief systems you may have that could be holding you back.

If what you’ve been doing is just not working, maybe it’s time to find out what thinking barriers or beliefs that may be holding you back from recovery.

The science tells us there are concrete things that can cause a relapse. From Toxic attitudes to Lack of Faith, and Fear. Find out what where your walls are and learn to break them down. 

It’s vital to your recovery journey that you learn how to set healthy boundaries with your family in a straightforward, confident manner. 

Awareness can only bring change. 

Many of us think we know all there is about addiction and how to recover from it. 

Find out the latest science about what is happening to you in addiction. 

You will face challenges during and after your stay at CCR. 

Learn the problem-solving skills to help you prevent a relapse. 

Use our step-by-step process to identify problems and work through them. 


Professional Licensed Therapy Services: Our members will receive counseling & therapy 4-days a week through our residential and IOP Programs. The outpatient program is very similar to residential programs, with the exception that our residents are permitted to return home to a structured sober living environment each night after treatment.


In our program, family members are encouraged to seek and look within their own lives as well to learn and grow from this experience. We provide phone calls for family members, where we help them work through their pain caused by their loved one’s addiction and their desire to see that person live a healthy life. Through our support, we see many families come to gain more insight, awareness, and consciousness in their own lives and undergo their personal transformation in the entire process. We see this as an opportunity for everyone involved in the family dynamic to heal, grow and expand.