To the Cape Cod Recovery Team

"This is a letter stating what I have gained from my time at the house and IOP. I very much enjoyed my time with the program·. I was able to meet some of the greatest people that all have the same goal in common. I was able to become better at communication skills. Working through my problems instead of just stuffing them down and fester inside of me."

I thought I knew everything about recovery

"The most important thing I learned along the way is what to recognize as triggers for me and how I can navigate my way through them."

A few weeks | A big change

"In the past seven years, I've lived in several sober houses and treatment facilities. My addiction is alcohol.

After just getting out of the hospital for having a seizure due to an anxiety attack and alcohol withdrawals, I spoke with a caseworker at the hospital, looking for a new sober house or residential treatment program. I didn't want to go back to the sober house I was in because drinking and drugging were going on. By luck, the caseworker pointed out a residential clinical treatment center."

Education is key

"I feel more empowered, educated, and confident in my recovery by participating in the IOP Program with CCR."

Dear Cape Cod Recovery

"I have learned personal responsibility and accountability. I have learned responsibility by doing my chores like cleaning, making my bed, doing my laundry, making my own food, and cleaning up after myself.
I have learned how to communicate this to them in a healthy and assertive manner without being passive-aggressive, passive, or overly aggressive. "

More than I could have dreamed of

"The day I first walked in the doors of cape cod recovery center, was one of the best and worst days of my life.

I had just gotten out of jail, and I was certain I would be returning soon. At that point in my life, I was not scared of incarceration, or death. As a matter of fact, I looked at it head-on, and I embraced it.

But, through constant therapy with my amazing therapist, Annellen, I have found a new way of life and no longer am the man I was before."

Ready for my next chapter

"During my stay at CCR, the Coronavirus struck. The staff was amazing at keeping us all safe with social distancing and stay-at-home orders and online programming for IOP. They managed to pull this off with minimal issues. We still attended AA Meetings using Zoom.

The housing, food, clinical, and staff were all great and made for a rewarding experience. The time spent at CCR has been instrumental in my recovery."

Exactly what I needed

"The experience of living in the sober house also taught me many life skills. How to get along with others. To be disciplined, ask for help, and apply the boundary skills I learned in IOP. The house was always clean, quiet and well-stocked with food. The bed was comfortable and each bedroom had its own TV. I found the men in the house to be respectful and supportive.

During my stay, we attended AA meetings nightly. I was encouraged to get a sponsor and to start the12 step program of AA. In addition to AA meetings, we read from AA literature and had group discussions about what we read. I have learned to be spiritual. Practice gratitude and humility which has helped me achieve over a year of sobriety."

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