To the Cape Cod Recovery Team

This is a letter stating what I have gained from my time at the house and IOP. I very much enjoyed my time with the program. I was able to meet some of the greatest people that all have the same goal in common. I was able to become better at communication skills. Working through my problems instead of just stuffing them down and fester inside of me. Then result in me going back down the same road of misery and abusing alcohol. I gained a lot from the IOP groups we had, including the times of the group. It wasn’t too much and not too little of the days and times of the group.

When I arrived at CCRC I was still kind of stuck on some issues in my life. I was able to continue working on my program and as well my health. I would like to thank Scott & Merritte for giving me this chance to come back home to where my struggles and triggers are and to help me stay strong and positive through these tough times. I can definitely say that a geographical change doesn’t always help. I know my addiction follows me anywhere I go. But knowing every corner of the Cape doesn’t help either. Having the team stand behind me helped me get over these fears.

Also, I would like to thank Annellen for our one on one calls. As they helped me to really be myself and be open to things I was nervous to share in the group. She always ran a tight ship. And that is needed in a setting like this. And Mr. Kevin Turner.

I knew Mr. Turner for many years before entering this program. I always admired Mr. Turner. And to this day I still admire him. I would have to say with no disrespect to anyone else, he was by far my favorite part of the program. I was able to what felt like connecting on a business as well personal level. He was very professional with his job, but at the same time keep us smiling and enjoy our road to recovery. I would highly advise people to listen to Kevin. He has a lot of experience. If he could be my sponsor he would be the first person on my list. As the team that is in place for CCRC, I would not change a thing. I am truly grateful for the life experiences I was able to learn.

Thank you to all. I hope we can all stay as a FAMILY in our future. I gained some really great people in my life and would never do anything to lose these relationships.

With all warm regards and wishes for these tough holidays,


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