Three Steps to Curbing Addiction

Three Steps to Curbing Addiction


Seeking Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Cape Cod, Mass

The road to recovery often involves a few pitfalls, setbacks and even some bumps. When you’re struggling with drug addiction, recovery can seem like an impossible goal. Recovery and sobriety is never out of reach, no matter how hopeless you seem. Anything is possible with the right treatment and support. When you’re seeking help for drug addiction in Cape Cod, you’re taking the first step towards recovery. Wanting change is needed for this process to work. Its normal to feel fear or uncertainty about whether you’ll have what it takes to curb your drug addiction. Remember, let’s take this one day at a time. Let us look at what makes up the secret sauce for successful recovery.

Step One: Looking for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

Everyone needs are different and drug addiction treatment in Cape Cod, but it should be customized to your situation. It is important that you find a level of care and program that fits your needs best. Drug addiction treatment in Cape Cod is not an overnight fix or easy process. Usually the longer and harder drugs you use may require you to have more intensive drug treatment in Cape Cod. Typically, these programs can last from 30-90 days. Take into consideration the length of stay. If you have been addicted to substances for multiple years and use daily, is 30 days going to be enough time to understand your addiction.

Treatment should also address more than just your drug use. The disease of addiction affects your whole life including relationships, family, jobs, health, and your well-being. Successful treatment and long term sobriety requires you to develop new ways of thinking and handling situations. Remember, sobriety is a lifelong commitment. This means daily you must use the tools of recovery to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Not everyone has to go through treatment to get sober. There are plenty of support groups in your city that offer different pathways to recovery. Reaching out and staying connected in these groups is important.

Step Two: Aftercare

People feel different when exiting a drug and alcohol treatment in Cape Cod program. Many of them are excited to use the new tools they have learned to get their life back on track. Some are nervous to see old friends again. Whichever is the case, there is one thing that everyone needs to do, continue to use the tools which were taught to you. It is very important to follow the discharge plan and recommendations you may have received while at treatment. If you were suggested to move into a sober house for six months, do it. If you were asked to enroll into an IOP and Sober Living for 3 months, do it. Just because you don’t have drugs or alcohol in your body now doesn’t mean you’re cured.

The average length of stay in addiction aftercare in Cape Cod programs vary from person to person. Some living in sober living homes for 3 months while others live for 9 months and up to 12 months. Many newly sober individuals often feel overwhelmed and stressed and the risk of a relapse is high. The longer individual stays in a structured, safe, and sober environment, the higher chances at long term sobriety they have.


Step Three: Enjoy Recovery.

If you’re not enjoying your new life in recovery, you may be doing something wrong. A new-found freedom and enlightenment can open many doors that were closed during your drug addiction period, and new doors can open too. Keeping a positive outlook on things is important, because every day isn’t going to be perfect.  If you’re not enjoying this new life, there may be a chance you could slip back into your old ways of using drugs and drinking again.

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