Exactly what I needed

I want to thank all the staff for a wonderful experience. I would not be sober without the help your experienced staff offered me.

In IOP I learned many life lessons. Anger management, setting boundaries, triggers, impulse control and how to identify and deal with emotions. To name a few. We also learned how various substances affect the brain and body. Art and music therapy was a fun way to learn more about ourselves. I found IOP to be an important piece of my recovery.

The experience of living in the sober house also taught me many life skills. How to get alone with others. To be disciplined, ask for help, and apply the boundary skills I learned in IOP. The house was always clean, quiet and well-stocked with food. The bed was comfortable and each bedroom had its own TV. I found the men in the house to b  respectful and supportive.

During my stay, we attended AA meetings nightly. I was encouraged to get a sponsor and to start the12 step program of AA. In addition to AA meetings, we read from AA literature and had group discussions about what we read. I have learned to be spiritual. Practice gratitude and humility which has helped me achieve over a year of sobriety.

I had a wonderful experience at Cape Cod Recovery. My time spent with them was exactly what I needed to become a sober member of society. I would recommend it to anyone seriously considering a new way of life.