Ready for my next chapter

My time here at the house and clinical has been filled with good times and learning. At the house, I learned how to get along with others. This was accomplished by listening to others, setting boundaries, and respecting the other’s boundaries.

The time spent at the house was even more rewarding by the fact I was allowed to bring my two golden retrievers, Lilly & Piper.

Curtis, the house manager was always here for me. He always was there to listen and help with any problem or concern I had. He helped guide me on my journey beginning AA.

My experience at the house has been a positive part of my recovery. The owners Scott & Mirit made my transition into CCR painless and seamless. They have both been a very important part of my recovery, always accessible for any needs that might arise.

Both are filled with sage advice. Kevin and Annellen are wonderful teachers. They led the IOP Groups. In IOP I learned many skills. I was taught how to identify triggers and ways to work through cravings. I learned how the brain and body change during addiction. They also taught me important life skills such as listening to others, setting boundaries self-care, emotional care, and learning how to deal with emotions in a healthy manner.

The curriculum was varied and interesting. Group discussions, videos, handouts, music therapy, art therapy, meditation, and Yoga.

After 3 months of group and individual therapy, I feel ready for my next chapter of life.

Another part of the program was AA Meetings, we attended 6 meetings a week. The meetings were varied so that I got a good introduction to AA.

During my stay at CCR, the Coronavirus struck. The staff was amazing at keeping us all safe with social distancing and stay at home orders and online programming for IOP. They managed to pull this off with minimal issues. We still attended AA Meetings using Zoom.

The housing, food, clinical, and staff were all great and made for a rewarding experience. The time spent at CCR has been instrumental in my recovery.

Thanks, Tim