A few weeks...A big change

In the past seven years, I’ve lived in several sober houses and treatment facilities. My addiction is alcohol.

After just getting out of the hospital for having a seizure due to an anxiety attack and alcohol withdrawals, I spoke with a caseworker at the hospital, looking for a new sober house or residential treatment program. I didn’t want to go back to the sober house I was in because drinking and drugging were going on. By luck, the caseworker pointed out a residential clinical treatment center.

The name was Cape Cod Recovery Center. I’ve only been here a few weeks adjusting to the new environment. I started to feel at ease. Meeting all the clients in the house was a good experience. They appeared to be in a comfortable state of mind, I felt accepted. Living here with a scheduled routine daily, morning group therapy, discussions, and AA Meetings daily or at night seem to me I really got the feeling I was part of something.

In morning group therapy we have good discussions, we debate a little, and talk about addictions and recovery. We listened to videos that explain our disease. At the house, it was like a big family. The house manager was very helpful to keep the place clean and healthy with everyone pitching in with the daily chores.

We all supported each other with the house manager. Every night after a home-cooked meal we had a nightly wrap-up talking about our days and future plans. For the first time in a long time, I felt part of something. My eating improved and sleeping.

My state of mind improved, I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time.

Thanks to the recovery program I’m in. ~John