Day Treatment Drug Rehab in Cape Cod

Our drug rehab treatment program in Cape Cod, Massachusetts is a clinical program designed specifically to meet each individual’s needs.

Our substance abuse treatment program is designed with a didactic curriculum. Below is an outline and issues discussed.

  • What are schemas?
  • Karpman’s Triangle and how to escape
  • The Trauma Egg
  • Trauma Bonds/ Betrayal Bonds
  • Boundaries? What are Boundaries?
  • Family of origin
  • Cross Addiction, Love and Relationships
  • Self-Defeating Thoughts and Behaviors
  • Using the ABC model to reality check
  • The Hurt Locker

We have designed a course exploring these objectives to help you in your recovery process.

Treatment Modalities

When selecting a drug and alcohol treatment center, understanding the types of modalities is key. At Cape Cod Recovery Center, our drug and alcohol rehab program is composed of:

What Makes Us Different

Our program is completely different than an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment center. Some inpatient drug and alcohol treatment centers are a closed campus, but the clients’ schedule is not regulated. Our clinical drug and alcohol rehab program schedule is high regulated. Our staff ensures maximum productivity is achieved during clinical programming hours. If the housing option is selected, clients will receive the same amount of programming hours as an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment center, at an affordable rate.

Why should I choose housing with your program?

The more support you can have will seeking drug and alcohol treatment, the better your outcomes will be. In addition, drug and alcohol treatment is also learning how to live life sober. A few keys areas are:

  1. Social activities while sober
  2. Dating while sober
  3. Emotions of life while sober

All three of these areas will be different sober, than in a life of drug and alcohol addiction.

Living with other sober individuals will assist with learning a new set of sober tools. The tools will help you achieve a life free of alcohol and drug abuse. View the video below, to tour the housing option provided by Cape Cod Sober Living